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“From the moment of enquiry, they were very patient even though I did not give them much information about the end-product I want. They took the time and effort to sit down with me for days just to figure out the end goal of my big IDEA. After which, everything becomes a breeze. Fazli, the creative director was very precise on the minute details. Turnaround time was also a surprise. We have had other companies quoted us twice the amount and twice the amount of production lead time whereas Studio Five managed to do it quicker without me going over budget..”

Maurice CEO & Founder, Odyssey Tackles

"After seeing what a $5k video looked like we knew we had to spend more to achieve the credibility we wanted. Our best prospects would be looking at this video and we never want to look the same or come across as cheap."


"The creativity juice from the team was what attracted me into engaging them. Thank you Ray!.We will be in touch for the next project soon!"


Animation Workflow and Process

The process for 3D animation includes the following steps, and as mentioned we can handle the whole Process or engage in individual processes as an applied service

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