Graphic Design Services in Singapore

Don't we all just love it when someone stares at us and gives us his/her undivided attention? Especially from those who we want to get it from.
That's exactly what GOOD graphic design sets out to achieve. Why is it so? Well to put it simply, it's because GOOD graphic design makes you stand out from the rest. Take a good look around you. When you walk around the bus interchange, or be it in neighbourhood shopping malls, Design is literally EVERYWHERE. From your alarm clock display, to a poster on a bus to the process of getting your food delivered to you at night. Design is just everywhere you look. Even here at this very text that you're reading. Great design doesn't just need to look good. It needs to communicate information such as brand values which help builds your customer's trust. You have to get the message across and to do that, you have to have a good design collateral and content which is vital to the success of any business. If you want your admirer staring at you, make sure they're looking at you for the right reasons and not because you have a big hole in your pants. With great design, comes great responsibility. KIDDING! With great design, comes great perception. When thought hard, effort and consideration go into a design, you will boost your brand position in the market. Fret not, we are here to help. Even the simplest of flyers or brochures design can help increase your SALES by two folds and more. It's all about the message and design. If your current promotions, website, business cards, flyers, posters, signages just aren't cutting it - you are probably overdue for a brand re-design. Let our team of designers from Studio Five create EXQUISITE, BREATHTAKING visual art that provoke desire and action.
How it Works
There are cases where our clients do not have any idea on what kind of graphics or logos they want. Do not worry. Our pool of designers are able to get it done for you. First, we collect all information needed about you or your company. Then we will create the first draft and have it sent to you via email. When approved, we will send you the high resolution file in .pdf or .ai for your archives. If you wish to have it printed out, we also have an in-house printing company hence the prices will be much much cheaper comparing it to the outside market. After all, we are a Media Group in Singapore.
What We Can Do For You
There are many possibilities of what we can do for your business. Below are just some of the usual requests we have from our clients.
- Print Design
- Digital Design
- Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Namecards
- Catalogues, Menus and Booklets
- Social Media Postings
- Apparel Design
- 3D Design
- Packaging design
- Websites and Apps Design
- Animation
- Illustration and Vectors
- Signage Design
- Logo Design
- Motion Graphics
- And many more ...


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