What do you mean by no service fees?

“They exceeded my expectations from the beginnning\ we touched base.
We didn’t have a lot of budget but with their advise and expertise, we
managed to create a visually over-powering video to get our message
across to our students.”

Q: What is the procedure of your teams before you go and  what is the Rules & Regulations by IMDA?

A: We are constantly being regulated by IMDA. All our equipment will be sanitised and our crews are required to wear their masks at all times.

20 on-screen talents are allowed to be unmasked if all personnel have a “fully vaccinated” status. A 2m safe distancing rule should be observed if on-screen talents are singing.

Q: If ECDA does not allow any outsider in our center how can we have a graduation?

A: We will be teaching teacher on our webinar how to successfully prepare for a virtual graduation. We also will provide equipment, editing service and more to aid in this journey!

Q: If we do operate the livestream by ourselves where would we get the equipment from?

A: We will teach you the TIPS and TRICKS for you to run your own livestream. Of course to achieve better quality, we have already prepared for you the solution to be shared in the webinar! So do attend the FREE webinar session!

Q: After the Livestream/Pre-recording, can I get it edited?

A: Yes, you can. Studio Five offer different deals to Childcare centers that would help cover your need such as equipment, editing or even photography! All you need to do is to find the deal that is just right for you!