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How to Create a Business Profile Video: 6 Helpful Examples for You

Are you looking for advice on creating business profile videos or wondering if it’s worth the effort? 

Statistics show that having a business profile video can greatly increase trust and credibility with your audience. According to Animoto’s 2018 “State of Social Video: Marketer Trends” report, 73% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video about the product or company. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the essentials you need to know before diving into creating your own business profile video. Plus, you will discover six types of videos that can take your business profile to the next level.

6 Business Profile Videos to Make Your Brand Stand Out

When it comes to crafting your business profile video, think outside the box with these six video options that’ll showcase different sides of your company and really grab your audience’s attention:

  1. Meet the team
  2. Show off Your Product or Service 
  3. Highlight Your Services
  4. Let Your Customers Share Their Testimonials
  5. Highlight Your Awards and Achievements
  6. Take Them Behind the Scenes

1. Meet the Team 

Let your audience get to know the folks behind your brand by introducing your team members. Have some fun with short interviews where they share what they do and why they love working for your company

2. Show off Your Product or Service

Give your audience a firsthand look at what your product or service can do by demonstrating it in action. Whether it’s showcasing features or walking through how it works, making it visual helps people understand better. 

For instance, this commercial video from Singapore Realtors Inc showcases one of their real estate properties.

3. Highlight Your Services

If your business offers services, bring them to life in a video that shows exactly how they work and the results they bring. Share real-world examples to help potential clients see the benefits. 

Consider, for instance, how Studio Five Corp positions itself as Singapore’s top Media Production agency.

4. Let Your Customers Share Their Testimonials

Get some social proof by capturing video testimonials from your satisfied customers. Hearing real stories from real people can really boost trust in your brand. 

For instance, here’s how Studio Five Corp presents their client testimonials.

5. Highlight Your Awards and Achievements 

Show off your company’s achievements to prove your expertise in the industry. A video montage with a little narration can make those awards really shine.

6.  Take Them Behind the Scenes

Give your audience a peek behind the curtain with videos of company events like product launches or team outings. Sharing these moments helps people feel like part of your community. 

Check out how Studio Five Corp shares their team’s adventures during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) trip.

Need Help to Create Your Business Profile Video?

Making a great video can be challenging, but it’s easy with Studio Five Corp. Just contact us to share your ideas and we’ll bring them to life!