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Sometimes it takes something different to create the best films – and our team of experts can use animation and motion graphics to help tell your story.


Uses of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are everywhere in today’s multi-media environment. Animations help increase the time viewers spend on a website. This is why most businesses around the world have at least one of these animations on their websites. Motion graphics are also used in presentations to make them interesting. The statistics and figures that are used in Business to Business communication presentations make them very boring. The bare statistics in these presentations are made imaginative and interesting with the use of motion graphics animations. Education is also an area in which these animations are used. These animations are also used to convey messages like environmental concerns to people in a manner that is appealing to them.

Our Clients Love Working With Us

Here is what sets us apart from other companies.

“They took the time to talk to our subject matter experts, read through all the materials we provided to them and came back with really intelligent questions. I would absolutely recommend Studio Five. Their customer service and end-product is PROMPT and EXCELLENT! .”

Girish Ramandachani Marketing Director, Tata Consultancy

"After seeing what a $5k video looked like we knew we had to spend more to achieve the credibility we wanted. Our best prospects would be looking at this video and we never want to look the same or come across as cheap."

Renee | Founder, H.E.R Entrepreneur

"I love to see how they work as a team. Went to their office to iron some details for the video and ended up staying the whole day. That positive energy in their office reflects greatly on the great quality of their videos."

Benny Chow | CMO, Firefly Photography

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