Increase Information Retention

Usually, companies invest in training their employees so that they can keep what they have learned and use it now and later. However, people can remember MORE of what they learned through a video than other training materials such as text files, documents, and web articles. Training videos are proven to be more memorable than other training materials by 200%.

Training Videos are Always On

Training videos enable unlimited people to access the same information, no matter their location, time zone or general accessibility. It doesn’t matter where you are – you could be on the train, at work or at home – if the videos are accessible online you can continue your training whenever it is convenient to do so. This also opens another whole idea of training remotely which you can read more about here

Training Videos Engage Better

Videos in general grab and hold the attention of your target audience, effectively conveying the information at hand. If you want your employees to enjoy the training, you must make it engaging and interesting, and that’s exactly what videos can do. Videos attract attention and information is retained more than documents, books or lectures.



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