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The Importance of Live Streaming

In the cyber-era we live in right now, especially with the existence of social media, from the tip of your finger, you can click a button and share a live broadcast to all your networks online. On the other hand, there are various other platforms created specifically for live streaming. But question is, WHY is LIVE STREAMING so important for business? As a live streaming production company, we know that Live Streaming is one of the most powerful ways to engage and interact with your audience. Here are some of the reasons why Live Streaming is important to help you boost your business and personal branding.

  • Revolutionized Live TV

We used to watch live TV all the time, back in the days, even now but occasionally. The reason why live TV was such an important part of our lives is that it brought viewers up-to-date content. What’s happening now, is what is shown on TV. Though for its relevance up till now, ever since the rise of the cyber era, live streaming online had become much more popular. The online video industry showed viewers what they should be in control of according to the viewer’s demand and interests. While on TV, contents are limited. On online live streaming, there is endless content accessible for free, via mobile phones or computers. With the flexibility of using your mobile phone, you get to see live streams anywhere and anytime. Most of the time, they can also watch the recording of the live video later.


  • Hands on Interactions

Why Live Streaming is so important for brands and individuals, is because of the level of engagements and unlimited interaction it offers. As a live streaming production company, we feel that no other marketing strategy allows for such a level of engagement. Live Streaming has the highest rate of engagement of all content types. On Facebook Livestream, for example, viewers are allowed to post their comments and it shows up live. There’s also an opportunity for others viewers to interact with a person having a conversation with the presenter. Which benefits into bringing the engagement for your business’ growth. It drives more viewers to engage with your content.


  • Expand your reach and viewers

Why Livestream is relevant now is because it can help you reach more people because platforms will favour live content. If you were to go on Facebook Live, or Instagram live, the chances of your followers being able to see and engage on their newsfeed are higher than the shared images or videos you posted on your pages. Youtube also favors live videos on its searches worldwide. It’s high on demand, especially in the corporate world.

With the exposure gain, live streaming can generate more leads for the business and for your personal branding. With social media, it’s easier for the audience to find and share your Livestream videos and it can be spread amongst a person’s circle.

Another reason why live streaming is effective for business, it’s because of its efficiency. As a marketing tool, there are many effective ways to reach people across but requires quite an investment. But with live streaming, can create an audience and also followings with a cheaper budget. You may also engage a live streaming production company like Studio Five too! =)


  • Fastest growing industry

Online streaming is one of the fastest-growing industries. In fact, the video streaming market is worth more than 30 billion dollars. It’s expected to be worth more than 70 billion dollars by the end of 2021.

More importantly, live video streaming is outgrowing video on demand. The year-over-year growth of live video is 113%, while long videos on demand have grown 30% and short formats have grown only 9%.

Most social media channels now also facilitate live video. For example, Facebook live, YouTube live, Instagram, TikTok Live, Zoom and many more. Live videos are here to stay and they are taking over.

What’s more exciting about the live video format is its audience. Since live video is out there, on most platforms, people of all ages are watching and creating live streams to boost their businesses and personal branding.

Live streaming will definitely reach your targeted if not new audiences to explore more about your businesses in-depth and virtually. When you interact with your viewers on a personal level, it creates an authentic connection with them. It’s much more difficult to create this kind of personal connection via any other content. This is why live streaming is important.

We Studio Five Corp as a live streaming production company, we bring out the best of your brand through the power of ideas, creativity, and media. We want to help brands communicate and engage with their respective communities through Livestreaming. We weave creative solutions with corporate messages that your brand wants to convey to reach your respective communities in the best way possible.

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