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A simplified approach to the creative process of video. Based on listening, research, and concept review to generate heartfelt responses in your viewers.

Still looking for the perfect crew to produce your Corporate Video in Singapore? Our world class production style, talents, studio and equipment is what makes us the #1 choice for businesses like you. We have over 10 years of experience so you can be rest assured we get it done right the first time, every-time. We don't just offer you a VIDEO – take advantage of our all-in-one media team ranging from graphic designers, photographers, branding strategists, web designers and social media specialists as well – we listen to your needs and goals and create an ever higher level of success for your businesses marketing goals. You have a lot of choices to make your brand stand out among your competitors and you need a cohesive branding strategy with high quality assets and lead generation magnets.


Why videos are important now?

According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of respondents said that shared values was the main reason why they had a relationship with a brand in the first place. Regardless of the industry that you’re operating in, building brand awareness remains a key priority. Story telling through Videos are a terrific way to spur conversations, generate new leads, and boost engagement. Not only can your corporate videos entertain, but such videos can also educate or inspire your followers and help establish a thought leadership (or any other) position for your corporate brand. Below are just some of the examples why;
Art in the pursuit of Commerce
With the explosion of video online, researchers say that there is a 200% increase in people’s understanding of your product or service, through video story-showing. Story showing is an art of conversation that can influence your viewers and enables you to stand out from your competitors.
A very Important Marketing tool
A company that invests in video production, inspires professionalism and a certain authority on the market. Anyone can write text about themselves on their website but it takes more effort and commitment to make a video. The process behind creating a powerful and engaging corporate video is more complex and complicated than writing and investing in this service will create a good impression on anyone arriving to your website or your company.
Well made Video Content is Engaging
Let's face it, MOST of us prefer watching movies rather than reading a book. Especially if you are trying to reach out to your consumers. Do you think they would want to read a 1000 word article of your product? I'm sure they don't. To create more IMPACT, your business need a Corporate Video to appeal to your customers and not only that, you are also able to express your creativity and genuity through the art of story-telling. Whether you want to tell your website visitors about what you do, send them a thank you message, offering an annual report or making a tour of your office and products, Videos are a fun and effective way to do so. Depending on your goals, we can help you cross items on your list.
Videos are shareable
Sharing keeps the internet alive and no other form of content is more shareable than videos. Work with our production team and our social media strategists to create a viral video that will draw more attention to your products and services, hence setting you apart from your competitors.

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